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The Medici — Bianca Maria de' Medici (1445-1488)

Bianca Maria de' Medici
Bianca Maria de' Medici (1445-1488)

Wife of Guglielmo de' Pazzi (1437-1516) – the specific symbolic colours of the Pazzi-family were blue and gold

10. September 1445

in the year 1488


Piero de' Medici (1416-1469)


Lucrezia Tornabuoni (1425/27-1482)


Guglielmo de' Pazzi (1437-1516); marriage in the year 1459

  1. her son Antonio, born on 10. July 1460, deceased during the years 1460-62
  2. her daughter Giovanna, who married Tommaso Monaldi in the year 1471
  3. her son Antonio, born in the year 1462, deceased in the year 1528; in 1503 he married Clementia, a daughter of Francesco Martelli
  4. her daughter Contessina, who married Giuliano Salviati in the year 1476
  5. her daughter Alessandra, who married Bartolomeo Buondelmonti in the year 1486
  6. her son Cosimo, born on 9. December 1466, deceased on 9. April 1513; Archbishop of Florence since 1508
  7. her son Piero, born on 1. June 1468, deceased in early childhood
  8. her daughter Cosa, who married Francesco di Luca Capponi
  9. her son Renato
  10. her son Lorenzo
  11. her daughter Luigia, who married Folco di Edoardo Portenari in the year 1494
  12. her daughter Maddalena, who married Ormanozzo Deti in the year 1497
  13. her son Alessandro, born on 4. May 1483, deceased in the year 1530; in 1508 he married Costanza, who was a daughter of Niccolò Antinori
  14. her daughter Lucrezia, first marriage to Carlo di Antonio Cattani de Diacceto and second marriage to Pietro Martelli
  15. her son Giuliano, born on 10. June 1486, deceased in November 1517; Abbot of San Salvatore in Taona

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