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Maike Vogt-Luerssen
89 Prow Drive
Seaford Meadows South Australia 5169

Dear Sirs of picture agencies and dear operators of your own web-sites,
I have been spending 30 years reading history books and contemporary historical sources in order to present this information on my website and to write my books about the history of everyday life and the women in the Antiquities, the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. In order to accumulate this knowledge I had to and still have to spend many hours in our university libraries. Therefore if you have a question regarding an image on this website, e.g. who the painter was and where to find that painting, I would very much appreciate a financial contribution for my answer to your question (€10.00 via PayPal). Larger inquiries will be assessed individually. I trust you understand my request. Your contribution will be used for the web-hosting of this site and for books, especially art books, which are not available in Adelaide's University libraries.
Kind regards, Maike

Maike Vogt-Lüerssen with her granddaughter

My name is Maike Vogt-Luerssen. I was born on 24/03/1956 in Wilhelmshaven, Germany. Since 1995 I have been living in Australia. In 1985 I finished my university studies in the subjects history, biology and education at the Philipps-University of Marburg on Lahn, Germany, with the high distinction "magna cum laude". I had the great fortune to study under the surely best historians of my time, Walter Heinemeyer and his son Karl, Hans K. Schulze, Peter Krüger and Karl Christ, whose love for history was contagious.Thanks to the generous financial support of my husband Dr. Holger Luerssen with whom I also created this new web-site, I am able to follow my own great passion for history. I have specialised in the history of the everyday life, women's history and art-history especially from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. (Photo: Maike Vogt-Luerssen with her granddaughter Skye on the Medieval Fair in Gumeracha, South Australia, on 5th May 2019).

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