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Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci, the Great Genius

Let Leonardo da Vinci be a warning to all celebrities like politicians, actors, singers, artists and members of royal or other noble houses. If they will not share their private lives with the public, their future biographers or some art historians and last not least some psychoanalysts will fill the empty pages with their own ideas and fantasies. Of course at first there will always be some contemporaries who will defend them but after a while the lies will eventually be accepted as the truth. It becomes possible for their portraits to be confused with those of their parents or even grandparents, as happened with Leonardo da Vinci and his grandfather Antonio da Vinci, and they may even be described as paedophiles, as also happened with Leonardo! Now back to the great artist. When will the historians look for traces of Leonardo’s real life in the 15th and 16th centuries? When will the nonsense stop that so-called experts are telling about him again and again, for which they can’t offer one single historical source? When will the identity of “Mona Lisa” be recognised as the Milanese Duchess Isabella of Aragon, because she is the key of Leonardo’s private life? This riddle, for instance, is easy to solve. You only have to learn the symbols and the emblems of the Milanese dynasty of the Visconti and Sforza, which you can find in my book "Die Sforza I: Bianca Maria Visconti – Die Stammmutter der Sforza" (in German). These devices will lead you to one of the greatest love stories of the Renaissance.

2. Visit to the Château du Cloux and to the Castle of Amboise – an image gallery (text in German).

Neu: Wer ist Mona Lisa?
Buchcover: Wer ist Mona Lisa?

Wer ist Mona Lisa? – Identifizierung einer Unbekannten mit Hilfe historischer Quellen

als Buch bei amazon.de: 172 Seiten, mit Stammtafeln und 136 Bildern (130 Bilder in Farbe), Independently published, 1. Auflage, ISBN 978-1-9831-3666-5, € 29,31