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Others — Helena Ulfsdotter Snakenborg or Snakenburg (1549/50-1635)

Helena Ulfsdotter Snakenborg oder Snakenburg, 1565
Helena Ulfsdotter Snakenborg or Snakenburg (1549/50-1635), 1565

between October 1549 and March 1550

1. April 1635


Ulf Henriksson Snakenborg († before 1564)


Agneta Lilly


several siblings, for example:

  • her brother Jöns
  • her brother Jöran
  • her sister Gertrude, Maid of Honour of Queen Katharina, wife of King John III. Wasa of Sweden
  • her sister Karin
  • a sister, of whom we do not know the name and who was married to Christofer Gyllengrip (1518-1598)

  1. William Parr, Count (or Earl) of Essex, Marquis of Northampton, born on 14. August 1513, deceased on 28. October 1571; marriage in May 1571; no children
  2. Thomas Gorges (1536-1610), clandestine marriage, which became publicly known in 1576


12 children, of whom eight became adults:

  1. her daughter Elizabeth, born at the end of March or the beginning of April 1578, deceased on 1. February 1659; married in her first marriage to Sir Hugh Smythe of Ashton († 1627) und in her second marriage since 28. September 1629 to her cousin Ferdinand Gorges († 1647)
  2. ihr son Francis, born in 1579, deceased around 1599; in March 1596 he married the eight-year old Ambrosia († 1600), daughter and heiress of his cousin Sir Arthur Gorges
  3. her daughter Frances, born in 1580, deceased in 1649; in March 1599 she married Sir Thomas Tyringham of Tyringham († 1636/37) and had nine children
  4. her son Edward, born in 1582, deceased probably around 1650; since 1605 he had been married to Catherine Osborne of Kelmarsh († 1633), Northants, widow of Edward Hazlewood of Maidwell Esq., two sons; since 1634 he had been married to Jane († 1665), widow of William Marwood and Sir John Livingstone
  5. her son Theobald, born in 1583, deceased in 1647; he was married to Anne, daughter of Sir Henry Poole von Saperton, and in 1645 to Anne, daughter of Sir John Gage, and had six children
  6. her daughter Bridget, born in 1584, deceased in 1634; she was married to Sir Robert Phillips von Montacute († 1638) and had nine children
  7. her son Robert, born in 1588, deceased in 1648; he married Mary († 1644), daughter and heiress of William Harding of Claygate, Surrey, and had several children
  8. her son Thomas, born in 1589, deceased after 1624

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Helena Ulfsdotter Snakenborg oder Snakenburg

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