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The Sforza — Giovanni Sforza, Lord of Pesaro

Giovanni Sforza, Herr von Pesaro
Giovanni Sforza, Lord of Pesaro

5. July 1466

27. July 1510


Costanzo I., Lord of Pesaro (1447-1483)


Fiora Boni, a mistress of his father

  1. Maddalena Gonzaga (1467-1490), youngest daughter of Margrave Federigo of Mantua († 1484); marriage on 27. October 1489
  2. Lucrezia Borgia (1480-1519), illegitimate daughter of Pope Alexander VI. († 1503); marriage on 12. June 1493; annulment of the marriage on 20. December 1497
  3. Ginevra Casa Tiepolo († 1512); marriage in 1504


His legitimate child:

from his third marriage to Ginevra Casa Tiepolo: his son Giuseppe Maria Costanzo II., born on 4. November 1505, deceased on 5. August 1512

and his illegitimate child:

his illegitimate daughter Isabella (1503-1561), since 1520 married to Sernigi Cipriano del Nero, Baron of Porcigliano († 1555)

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Giovanni Sforza, Herr von Pesaro Giovanni Sforza, Herr von Pesaro

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