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The Milanese Dynasty of the Visconti — Barnabas or Bernabo Visconti (1322/23-1385), Lord of Milan

Bernabò Visconti und seine 1.Gattin Regina della Scala
Bernabò Visconti (1322/23-1385) and his first wife, Regina della Scala

in 1322 or 1323

in 1385


Stefano Visconti († 1327), the fifth and youngest son of Matteo I. Visconti (1250-1322) and Bonacosa († 1321), daughter of Squarcino Borri, and youngest brother of Galeazzo I. Visconti (1277-1328), Marco Visconti († 1329), Giovanni Visconti (1290-1354) and Luchino I. Visconti (1292-1349) and cousin of Azzone Visconti (1302-1339)


Valentina (1290-1359), daughter of Bernabò Doria

  • his elder brother Matteo II. (1319-1355), married to Gigliola († 1354), daughter of Filippino Gonzaga, Lord of Mantua
  • his younger brother Galeazzo II. (1324/27-1378), married to Bianca (um 1335-1387), daughter of Count Aimone I. of Savoy, Aosta and Moriana

  1. Regina (actually: Beatrice) († 1384), daughter of Mastino II. della Scala and Vicenza
  2. Donnina Porro (or Porri)


from his first marriage to Regina della Scala:

  1. his daughter Taddäa (c. 1351-1381), married to Stephan III. (1337-1413), Duke of Bavaria-Ingolstadt, two children: Ludwig im Bart (1365-1447), Duke of Bavaria-Ingolstadt, and Elisabeth (= Isabeau de Bavière) (1370-1435), married to Charles VI. (1368-1422), King of France
  2. his daughter Verde (or Viridis) (c. 1352-1414), married to Leopold III. (1351-1386), Duke of Austria, Styria and Carinthia; famous grandson: Emperor Friedrich III. (1415-1493)
  3. his son Marco (1353-1382), married to Elisabeth (1361-1382), daughter of Friedrich I., Duke of Bavaria-Landshut
  4. his son Lodovico (1355-1404), married to his cousin Violante Visconti (1354-1386), daughter of Galeazzo II. Visconti
  5. his daughter Valentina (1357-1393), married to Pietro II. of Lusignano (1354/57-1382)
  6. his son Rudolfo (1358-1389)
  7. his son Carlo (1359-1403), married to Beatrice d'Armagnac, daughter of the Count Jean II. d'Armagnac
  8. his daughter Antonia (1360-1405), married to Eberhard III. (1364-1417), Count of Württemberg
  9. his daughter Caterina (1362-1404), married to her cousin Gian Galeazzo I. Visconti (1351-1402) (1351-1402), Duke of Milan
  10. his daughter Agnese (1363-1391), married to Francesco I. Gonzaga of Mantua (1366-1407)
  11. his daughter Magdalena (1366-1404), married to Friedrich I. (1339-1393), Duke of Bavaria-Landshut, the father-in-law of her brother Marco
  12. his son Gianmastino (1370-1405), his first marriage was to his cousin Cleofe († 1403), daughter of Antonio I. della Scala, Lord of Verona, his second marriage to a certain Elisabetta († 1405), of whom we possess no information
  13. his daughter Lucia (1372-1424), married to Edmund Holland (1383-1407), Earl of Kent
  14. his daughter Elisabetta (c. 1374-1432), married to Ernst I. (1373-1438), Duke of Bavaria-München
  15. his daughter Anglesia (c. 1377-1439), her first marriage was to Giano I. of Lusignano (1374-1432) (this marriage was annulled in 1407) and in her second marriage to Friedrich of Nürnberg
  16. from his second marriage to Donnina Porro (oder Porri):

  17. his son Palamede († after 1402)
  18. his son Lancellotto († after 1441)
  19. his daughter Ginevra (c. 1385-1438), married to Leonardo Malaspina, Margrave of Gragnola

and further five illegitimate sons and eleven illegitimate daughters

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