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The Tudors — Frances Brandon (1517-1559)

Frances Brandon
Frances Brandon (1517-1559), Duchess of Suffolk

16. July 1517

20. November 1559


Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk (1484-1545)


Mary Tudor (1496-1533), younger sister of Henry VIII. of England († 1547)

  1. Henry Grey, third Marquis of Dorset and Duke of Suffolk (1517-1554, executed); marriage in 1533
  2. Adrian Stokes (1519-1585); marriage on 9. March 1555


from her first marriage:

  1. one son, born and deceased in 1534 or in 1535
  2. one daughter, born in 1535 or 1536, deceased in 1537
  3. her daughter Jane, born in October 1537, executed on 12. February 1554; since 21. May 1553 married to Lord Guilford Dudley (1539-1554), son of John Dudley († 1553), Duke of Northumberland; Queen of England from 9. until 18. July 1553
  4. her daughter Katherine, born in August 1540, deceased on 27. January 1568 from tuberculosis; in her first marriage on 25. May 1553 married to Henry Herbert, second Earl of Pembroke, this marriage was annulled in 1553; in December 1560 a clandestine marriage to her second husband, Edward Seymour (1539-1621), Earl of Hertford, son of Edward Seymour († 1552), Duke of Somerset; Queen Elizabeth I. punished both spouses with imprisonment; she had sons from her second marriage: Edward (1561-1612) and Thomas (1563-1600)
  5. her daughter Mary, born in 1545, deceased on 20. April 1578, a clandestine marriage to Thomas Keys († 1571) in 1565; both were punished by Queen Elizabeth I., too; Thomas Keys would die in prison

from her second marriage: one daughter, born at the end of the year 1555 or in 1556, who deceased in 1556, and a further child, born between November 1558 and March 1559, which deceased immediately after the birth

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