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The Tudors — Catherine Howard (c. 1525/26-1542)

Katharina Howard
Catherine Howard (c. 1525/26-1542), Queen of England and the fifth wife of the King Henry VIII. of England

around 1525/26

13. February 1542 (executed because of adultery)


Edmund Howard († 1539), brother of Thomas Howard, third Duke of Norfolk († 1554), and of Elizabeth Howard († 1538), mother of Anna Boleyn


Joyce Culpeper († 1527), daughter of Sir Richard Culpeper


nine brothers and sisters and presumably five half-brothers and -sisters from the first marriage of her mother to a certain Ralph Legh; they all remained relatively unknown


Henry VIII. (1491-1547), King of England from 1509 until 1547; marriage on 28. July 1540



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Katharina Howard

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