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The Gonzaga — Ludovico (today known as Ludovico III.) Gonzaga, Margrave of Mantua

Ludovico (III.) Gonzaga, Markgraf von Mantua
Ludovico Gonzaga (today known as Ludovico III., but because he was the first Margrave of Mantua with this name he was called "Ludovico or Ludovico I.") , Margrave of Mantua, with his approximately five- or six-year-old grandson Gian Francesco II., the future Margrave of Mantua


5 June 1412


12 June 1478


Gianfrancesco I. Gonzaga (1395-1444), since 1433 Margrave of Mantua


Paola Malatesta (1393-1449), daughter of Malatesta IV. Malatesta, Signore di Pesaro, and his wife Elisabetta da Varano

  1. his brother Carlo Gonzaga, born between 1413 and 1423, deceased in 1456, since 1437 married to Lucia d'Este (1419-1437), daughter of Niccolò III. d'Este
  2. his brother Alessandro Gonzaga, born 1415 or 1427, deceased in 1466, married to Agnes da Montefeltro († 1447), daughter of Guidantonio da Montefeltro, Count of Urbino
  3. his sister Margherita Gonzaga (1418-1439), since 1435 married to Leonello d'Este (1407-1450)
  4. his brother Gianlucido Gonzaga (1421-1448)
  5. his sister Cecilia Gonzaga (1425-1451), nun at Santa Chiara in Mantua
  6. his sister Leonella Gonzaga, nun


Barbara of Brandenburg (1422-1481), first child of Margrave John of Brandenburg and his wife Barbara of Sachsen-Wittenberg; marriage on 12 November 1433

  1. his son Federigo, born around 1438 (?), deceased before 1441
  2. his daughter Maddalena, born around 1439, deceased as infant
  3. his daughter Elisabetta, born around 1440, deceased as infant
  4. his son Federigo (I.) (1441-1484), Margrave of Mantua
  5. his son Francesco (1444-1483), Cardinal
  6. his daughter Paola Bianca (1445-1447)
  7. his son Gianfrancesco (1446-1496), Count of Sabbioneta and Lord of Bozzolo; married to Antonia del Balzo
  8. his daughter Susanna (1447-1481), nun at Santa Paola in Mantua
  9. his daughter Dorotea (1449-1467), married to Galeazzo Maria Sforza, Duke of Milan
  10. his daughter Cecilia (1451-1472/78), nun at Santa Chiara in Mantua
  11. his son Rodolfo (1452-1495), Lord of Castiglione delle Stiviere, Solferino, Suzzara and Poviglio; first married to Antonia Malatesta, then to Caterina Pico
  12. his daughter Barbara (1455-1503), since 1474 married to Eberhard I., Duke of Württemberg
  13. his son Lodovico (or Ludovico) (1460-1511), Bishop of Mantua
  14. his daughter Paola (1463-1497), married to Leonhard, Count of Gorizia

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