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The Tudors — Margaret Clifford (1540-1596), Countess of Derby

Margaret Clifford, Gräfin von Derby
Margaret Clifford (1540-1596), Countess of Derby

in 1540

28. or 29. September 1596


Henry Clifford (1517-1570), second Earl of Cumberland


Eleanor Brandon (c. 1519-1547), one of the favourite nieces of the English King Henry VIII. († 1547)

  1. Andrew Dudley († 1559), brother of John Dudley, Duke of Northumberland; marriage in June 1553, annulment of this marriage in 1554
  2. Henry Stanley (1531-1593), fourth Earl of Derby; marriage on 7. February or on 12. February 1555; very unhappy relationship

  1. her son Edward, born before 1559, died as a small child
  2. her son Ferdinando, fifth Earl of Derby, born in 1559, died on 16. April 1594
  3. her son William, sixth Earl of Derby, born in 1561, died in 1642/43
  4. her son Francis, born in 1562, died as a small child
  5. her daughter Mary, born in 1565, the year of her death is unknown

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