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The Este — Beatrice d'Este, Duchess of Bari and Duchess of Milan

Beatrice d'Este, Herzogin von Bari, Herzogin von Mailand
Beatrice d'Este, Duchess of Bari, Duchess of Milan and cousin and through her marriage also aunt of Isabella of Aragon, the Duchess of Milan

This portrait had the correct title: "Beatrice d'Este" at least until 1912 (look at: Edgcumbe Staley: Lords and Ladies of the Italian Lakes, London 1912, opposite of page 236), before one of the "experts" amongst the art historians changed it into "Barbara Pallavicino". But this portrait is an identification portrait and therefore easily to identify as "Beatrice d'Este". By the way, this portrait got a question mark under its title "Barbara Pallavicino" in the Uffizi (Florence), where it is located. The art historians there have probably also no idea how this portrait came to its (wrong) title.

29. June 1475

3. January 1497


Ercole I. (1431-1505), Duke of Ferrara, Reggio and Modena


Leonora (or Eleonora) of Aragon (1450-1493), daughter of King Ferrante of Naples († 1494)


Lodovico Maria il Moro Sforza (or Ludovico Maria il Moro Sforza) (1451-1508), Duke of Bari 1479-1494, Duke of Milan 1494-1499/1500; marriage on 17. January 1491

  1. her son Massimiliano Maria Sforza (initially Ercole Maria), born on 25. January 1493, deceased on 25. May or 4. June 1530
  2. her son Francesco II. Maria Sforza, born on 4. February 1495, deceased on 31. October/1. November 1535
  3. a son: stillbirth on 3. January 1497

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