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Italy — Roberto da Sanseverino, Count of Cajazzo

Roberto da Sanseverino, Graf von Cajazzo
Roberto da Sanseverino, Count of Cajazzo

in May 1418

9. August 1487 (drowned during a battle against the Imperial forces near Roveredo)


Leonetto da Sanseverino († 1420, killed in action in a battle), illegitimate son of Bertrando da Sanseverino († 1418), Lord of Cajazzo


Elisa Sforza (1402-1476), daughter of Muzio Attendolo Sforza(1369-1424)

  1. Giovanna da Correggio († c. 1460), daughter of Count Giovanni da Correggio, marriage in 1450
  2. Elisabetta da Montefeltro (c. 1445-1472), illegitimate daughter of Federigo da Montefeltro (1422-1482), Duke of Urbino; marriage in 1460/61
  3. Lucrezia Malavoiti; marriage in 1473


from his first marriage to Giovanna da Correggio († c. 1460):

  1. Gianfrancesco, Count of Cajazzo, born c. 1451, deceased on 2. September 1501 (on the battle field); his first spouse was Diana della Ratta († c. 1498), daughter of Count Giovanni of Caserta, his second spouse was Barbara, daughter of Gianfrancesco Gonzaga, Lord of Bozzolo and Sabbioneta, and Antonia del Balzo; his son Roberto Ambrogio († 1532) originated from his second marriage
  2. Antonio Maria, born c. 1454; deceased on 13. January 1509 (in the line of duty to the French King Louis XII.); in c. 1495 he married Margherita Pio of Carpi († after 1524), daughter of Marco II. Pio of Carpi; Margherita spent her remaining years as a widow in a convent in Carpi; no children from this marriage; Antonio Maria had two illegitimate sons: Carlo and Ottaviano
  3. Gaspare ("Fracassa"), born c. 1458, he died in great poverty on 3. June 1519; married to Margherita († before 1513), daughter of Giovanni Lodovico († 1469), Lord of Pio from Sassuolo, and Aurante Orsini; Fracassa had one illegitimate son with the name of Gianfrancesco
  4. Galeazzo, born c. 1460, deceased on 25. February 1525 in the battle of Pavia

    from his second marriage to Elisabetta da Montefeltro (c. 1445-1472):

  1. Federigo, born c. 1462, deceased on 7. August 1516; Cardinal since 1489
  2. Giulio, born after 1462, deceased after 1521; married to Ippolita Pallavicino († after 1537), daughter of Giacomo Antonio Scipione Pallavicino; they had a son named Gianfrancesco († 1570)
  3. Sveva; married to Bernardo Anguissola, Count of Montechiaro
  4. Ginevra; married to Count Palatino Lucio Malvezzi
  5. Giulia († 1540); married to Giovanni Tommaso Carafa, Count of Monteroduni
  6. Ippolita; married to Cristoforo II. Torelli, Count of Montechiarugolo
  7. Lodovica; married to Francesco Maria I. Torelli, Count of Guastalla
  8. Francesca; married to Archembaud de Cholle, Lord of the Lombardiere
  9. Ottaviano
  10. Giorgio
  11. Eleonora; since 1490 married to the powerful nobleman Giovanni Adorno from Genoa

    from his third marriage to Lucrezia Malavoiti:

  1. Alessandro († 1527)
  2. Annibale

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Roberto da Sanseverino, Graf von Cajazzo

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