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Die französischen Valois — Karl-Orlando von Frankreich (1492-1495)

Karl-Orlando von Frankreich
Karl-Orlando von Frankreich (1492-1495), der erste Sohn des französischen Königs Karl VIII. und seiner Gattin Anna de Bretagne

"In December 1495 Charles [Karl VIII. von Frankreich] received a much worse piece of news. His three-year-old son [Karl-Orlando] had died from measles. Charles Orland had been a strong, healthy child, about whom Commynes commented: “He was bold in his speech and he was not afraid of things that other children usually fear.” The queen's [Anna de Bretagne] grief was very bitter and long, so much as her husband became concerned about her health. He tried to bring her out of her melancholy by throwing a ball for her. Among those attending was Louis of Orléans [der zukünftige französische König Ludwig XII.], whose cheerful demeanor deeply offended Anne. She took his good mood as a display of pleasure at being once more first in the line of succession because of her son's death. As a result she would not speak to him for a long time." (in: Frederic J. Baumgartner: Louis XII, New York 1996, p. 49).

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