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Die Stuarts — Maria Stuart, Prinzessin von Oranien

Maria Stuart (1631-1660), Prinzessin von Oranien

"Mary was much her father's daughter. She was a regular Stuart child, with fine features, narrow brows, auburn curls and a delicate air. Her character was not strong, but she could be amazingly obstinate. From the first [in Holland] she leant heavily upon her robust aunt [Elisabeth Stuart]. The Queen of Bohemia's own daughters resented their parent's maternal attentions to their cousin, who, in spite of the possession of a handsome young husband, ample means and presently hopes of a family, never ceased to complain. At the age of fifteen Mary suffered a severe miscarriage." (in: Carola Oman: Elizabeth of Bohemia, id., pp. 425-426).

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