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The lives of three psychopaths

After having finished reading the book "Taming Toxic People - The science of identifying & dealing with psychopaths at work & at home", written by David Gillespie, which is very important for me, because I grew up under a psychopath, I would like to share what I have learned. The most important thing is to remove yourself from these kind of people who have the following characteristics:

  1. Psychopaths can be, when they want, very charming.
  2. They are self-obsessed.
  3. They are fluent liars.
  4. They are emotionally manipulative.
  5. They are completely lacking in remorse or guilt.
  6. They are callous and without any mercy.
  7. They never take any responsibility for their actions.
  8. They are impulsive.
  9. They are highly controlling.
  10. They are very vindictive.
  11. They are very aggressive and intimidating.

The author David Gillespie mentioned the following three psychopaths in his book:

1. Stacey Castor:

2. Theodore "Ted" Bundy:

3. Mother Teresa who was made a Saint by the Catholic Church:

The author wrote the following about Mother Teresa: "The missions [of Mother Teresa] were described as 'human warehouses' where the seriously ill lay on mats, fifty to a room, and waited to die. There were few trained medical professionals on the premises, and most of the staff were unqualified nuns and brothers. This was in spite of the fact that Mother Teresa's order had raised hundreds of millions of dollars to provide palliative care. She explained why that care was not forthcoming by saying, 'There is something beautiful in seeing the poor accept their lot, to suffer it like Christ's Passion. The world gains much from their suffering.' She had no such concerns for herself, arranging the best possible medical care in California when she had a heart attack in Rome in 1987 ... she lived a lavish lifestyle and spent most of her time travelling the world in luxury (usually in private jets) away from her home city of Calcutta. Teresa frequently lied about her achievements in public statements. She claimed for example that her mission in Calcutta fed a thousand people a day. Sometimes she said this was 4000, 7000 and even 9000. The reality was very different. Her Calcutta soup kitchen actually fed a maximum of 150 people a day, including all her staff. She claimed to have 102 family assistance centres in Calcutta but when researchers went looking for them, they found none." (in: David Gillespie, id., pp. 38-39).

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