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The House of Savoy — Bianca of Savoy, wife of Galeazzo II. Visconti

Bianca von Savoyen mit Familie
Bianca of Savoy with female members of her family
Bianca of Savoy (second person from the left with the purple dress) with her niece and daughter-in-law Caterina Visconti (to her right with the white dress) and her granddaughter Valentina (to her left with the pink overdress) and her daughter Violanta (on the right with the Milanese flag)
Erster Band der Sforza Serie
Buch Cover: Bianca Maria Visconti

Die Sforza I: Bianca Maria Visconti – Die Stammmutter der Sforza

240 Seiten, mit 186 Bildern und Stammtafeln, Books on Demand GmbH, ISBN 978-3-8334-3558-4, € 18,90

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