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The House of Savoy

The French Valois

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Charles V.

Charles VI.

Isabeau de Baviere

Charles VII.

Ludwig XI.

Charles VIII.

Anna de Bretagne

Ludwig XII.

Franz I.

Marguerite of Angoulême

Henry II.

Catherine de' Medici

Marguerite of Valois

Catalina Micaela (Catherine Michaela) of Spain

Born on:


Deceased on:

6.11.1597 (after the birth of her last child)


King Philip II. of Spain (1527-1598) (the family-tree of the dynasty of the Hapsburgs is available only in German)


Elizabeth of France (1545-1568) (the family-tree of the dynasty of the French Valois is available only in German)


Duke Charles Emanuel I. of Savoy (1562-1630); marriage in 1585

  1. her son Philip Emanuel, born on 8.4.1586, deceased on 9.2.1605
  2. her son Victor Amadeus I., born on 8.5.1587, deceased on 7.10.1637; in 1619 he married Christine of France, the second daughter of the French King Henry IV. († 1610) and of Maria de' Medici († 1642) (the family-tree of the dynasty of the Bourbons is available only in German)
  3. her son Emanuel Filiberto, born on 16.4.1588, deceased on 4.8.1624, Duke of Sicily
  4. her daughter Margareta, born on 28.4.1589, deceased on 26.6.1655; in 1608 she became married to Francesco IV. Gonzaga (1586-1612), Duke of Mantua
  5. her daughter Isabella, born on 11.3.1591, deceased on 22.8.1626; in 1608 she became married to Alfonso III. d'Este (1591-1644), Duke of Modena and Reggio
  6. her son Maurizio, born on 10.1.1593, deceased on 4.10.1657, Bishop of Vercelli and Cardinal; in September 1642 he resigned from all his clerical functions and married his niece Ludovica Christina (1629-1692), the eldest daughter of his brother Victor Amadeus I.
  7. her daughter Maria, born on 8.2.1594, deceased on 13.7.1656; she remained unmarried
  8. her daughter Francesca Caterina, born on 6.10.1595, deceased on 26.9.1640; she remained unmarried
  9. her son Thomas Francis, born on 21.12.1596, deceased on 22.1.1656, Prince of Carignan and Grandfather of the famous Prince Eugen of Savoy (1663-1736)
  10. her daughter Joanna (Giovanna), born and deceased on 6.10.1597

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