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The Tudors

The Tudors and the Stuarts

Henry VII.

Henry VIII.

Catherine of Aragon

Margaret Tudor

Mary Tudor

Mary Tudor, Queen

James V.

Anna Boleyn

Jane Seymour

Anna of Cleves

Katherine Parr

Elizabeth I.

Mary Stuart

James I.

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Mary Tudor, the younger sister of Henry VIII. of England, around 1515

Born on:

18. March 1496

Deceased on:

25. June 1533 (from tuberculosis)


Henry VII. (1457-1509), King of England


Elizabeth of York (1466-1503)

  1. Charles V. (1500-1558), Duke of Burgundy, Archduke of Austria, King of Spain and Emperor; marriage on 17. December 1508 – annulment of the marriage on 30. July 1514
  2. (link only available in German)
  3. Louis XII. (1462-1515), King of France; marriage on 9. October 1514 – no children (link only available in German)
  4. Charles Brandon (1484-1545), Duke of Suffolk; marriage on 21. or 22. February 1515 – four children

  1. her son Henry, born on 11. March 1516, deceased around 1522
  2. her daughter Frances, born on 16. July 1517, deceased on 20. November 1559
  3. her daughter Eleanor, born around 1519, deceased on 27. September 1547; since June 1535 married to Henry Clifford (1517-1570), second Earl of Cumberland; they had four children: Henry and Charles, who died in early childhood, Margaret (1540-1596) and Eleanor, born in 1547
  4. her son Henry, born between July and December 1522, deceased on 8. March 1534

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