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The Stuarts

The Tudors and the Stuarts

Henry VII.

Henry VIII.

Catherine of Aragon

Margaret Tudor

Mary Tudor

Mary Tudor, Queen

James V.

Anna Boleyn

Jane Seymour

Anna of Cleves

Katherine Parr

Elizabeth I.

Mary Stuart

James I.

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Margaret Tudor, Queen of Scotland

This is NOT Anna Boleyn! The letters "A" and "B" were attributed to this portrait in the 17th century.

Born on:

29. November 1489

Deceased on:

18. October 1541


Henry VII. (1457-1509), King of England from 1485 until 1509


Elizabeth of York (1466-1503)

  1. James IV. (1473-1513), King of Scotland and son of James III. († 1488), King of Scotland, and Margaret († 1486), daughter of King Christian I. of Denmark, Sweden and Norway; marriage on 8. August 1503 (very happy marriage)
  2. Archibald Douglas (1494-1557), sixth Earl of Angus; marriage on 6. August 1514 – very unhappy marriage; annulment of this marriage in December 1527
  3. Harry Stewart (1495-1552), Lord Methven, carver at the royal table of her son James V.; secret marriage early in 1528 – also very unhappy relationship


her children from her first marriage to James IV., King of Scotland:

  1. her son James, born on 21. February 1507, deceased on 27. February 1508
  2. one daughter, born in July 1508, died shorly after birth
  3. her son Arthur, born on 20. October 1509, deceased on 14. July 1510
  4. her son James (V.), future King of Scotland, born on 10. April 1512, deceased on 14. December 1542
  5. premature birth in November 1512, the child survived only for a few hours
  6. her son Alexander, born on 30. April 1514 (seven months after his father's death), deceased on 18. December 1515
  7. her child from her second marriage to Archibald Douglas:

  8. her daughter Margaret, Lady Douglas, born on 7. October 1515, deceased on 9. March 1578

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