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The Tudors

The Tudors and the Stuarts

Henry VII.

Henry VIII.

Catherine of Aragon

Margaret Tudor

Mary Tudor

Mary Tudor, Queen

James V.

Anna Boleyn

Jane Seymour

Anna of Cleves

Katherine Parr

Elizabeth I.

Mary Stuart

James I.

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Catherine of Aragon, lending her face to a female saint

Born on:

15. or 16. December 1485

Deceased on:

7. January 1536


Ferdinand II. (1452-1516), King of Aragón and Naples-Sicily


Isabella the Catholic (1451-1504), Queen of Castile and León


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  • her sister Isabella, born on 1. October 1470, deceased after the birth of her only child, her son Miguel, from puerperal fever on 25. August 1498; since 1490 in her first marriage married to the Portuguese heir apparent to the throne Alfonso († 1491 – riding accident), the son of João II., King of Portugal, and of Leonor of Aragón; no children; in her second marriage married to Manuel I. († 1521), King of Portugal, a cousin of João II.; one son, Miguel, born on 23. August 1498, deceased on 20. July 1500
  • her brother Juan, born on 30. June 1478, deceased on 4. October 1497, married to Margaret of Austria († 1530), the daughter of Emperor Maximilian I. († 1519); no children
  • her sister Juana or Johanna, born on 6. November 1479, deceased on 12. April 1555, married to Philipp the Fair († 1506), the son of Emperor Maximilian I. († 1519); six children
  • her sister Mary, born on 29. June 1482, deceased on 7. March 1517, since 13. October 1500 married to her brother-in-law Manuel I. († 1521), King of Portugal; they had 10 Children: Johann III. (1502-1557), King of Portugal from 1521 until 1557, Isabella (1503-1539), wife of Emperor Charles V., and six more sons and two daughters

  1. Arthur (1486-1502), the eldest son of Henry VII. of England († 1509) and his wife, Elizabeth of York († 1503); marriage on 14. November 1501 – no children
  2. Henry VIII. of England (1491-1547), the second son of Henry VII. of England and his wife, Elizabeth of York; marriage on 11. May 1509 – after several miscarriages and stillbirths only one daughter remained, Mary Tudor (1516-1558)


Mary Tudor (1516-1558), Queen of England from 1553 until 1558

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