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The Sforza

The Sforza and the Aragonese

Muzio Attendolo Sforza

Francesco Sforza

Bianca Maria Visconti

Lodovico Maria il Moro Sforza

Galeazzo Maria Sforza

Ippolita Maria Sforza

Caterina Sforza

Gian Galeazzo II. Maria Sforza

Isabella of Aragon

Ferrante of Naples

Alfonso II. of Naples

Ferrandino of Naples

Galeazzo Maria Sforza, Duke of Milan

Uncle and father-in-law of Isabella of Aragon

Born on:

24. January 1444

Deceased on:

26. December 1476; assassinated


Francesco Sforza ( 1466), Duke of Milan


Bianca Maria Visconti ( 1468), daughter of the Milanese Duke Filippo Maria Visconti ( 1447)

  1. Dorotea Gonzaga (1450-1467), daughter of Lodovico III. Gonzaga, Margrave of Mantua ( 1478)
  2. Bona of Savoy (1449-1503), sister-in-law of the French King Louis XI. ( 1483); marriage on 6. July 1468 (Information about the French Valois available only in German)

Legitimate Children:

Illegitimate Children:

from his relationship with Lucrezia, who became married to Giampietro Landriani:

  1. his son Alessandro (c. 1460-1523), since 1474 Count of Galliate, since 1490 married to Countess Barbara Balbiani of Valchiavenna ( c. 1520): one daughter: Camilla (1492-1554), who was married to Count Giulio Malvezzi ( 1522/40) in 1506
  2. his son Carlo (c. 1462-1483), since 1476 Count of Magenta; married to Bianca Simonetta ( 1487), daughter of Count Agnolo Simonetta; two daughters: Angela and Ippolita
  3. his daughter Caterina (1463-1509)
  4. his daughter Chiara (1464/65-1531), her first husband was Pietro ( 1485), Count dal Verme di Sanguinetto, Lord of Vigevano, they married in 1480; her second husband was Fregosino Campofregoso (1460-1512), Lord of Novi, they married in 1487 – Chiara had two sons from her second marriage: Paolo (1489-1545) and Ottaviano (1491/92-1525)

from his relationship with Lucia Marliani, who became married to Ambrogio Raverti and whom he promoted to become Countess of Melzo:

  1. his son Galeazzo (1474-1515), Count of Melzo since 1493
  2. his son Ottaviano (1476-1541), since 1497 Bishop of Lodi and since 1519 also Bishop of Arezzo

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