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Lucrezia Borgia, sister-in-law of Isabella of Aragon

Born on:

18. April 1480

Deceased on:

24. June 1519


Pope Alexander VI. (1431-1503)


  1. Juan Borgia (1474-1497; assassinated), Duke of Gandia, since 1493 married to Donna Maria Enriquez (1477-1520), two children: Juan (1494-1543) and Isabella (1497-1557); his famous grandson was Francesco Borgia (1510-1572), fourth Duke of Gandia and third General of the Society of Jesus
  2. Cesare Borgia (1476-1507), until 1498 Bishop of Pamplona and Valencia and Cardinal, since 1499 Duke of Valence and Duke of the Romagna, since 12. May 1499 married to Charlotte d'Albret († 1514), sister of King John of Navarre, one daughter Louise (1500-1553)
  3. Jofré Borgia (1481-1517), Prince of Squillace, his first spouse was Sancia of Aragon († 1506), an illegitimate daughter of King Alfonso II. of Naples, they married on 11. May 1494, his second spouse was his cousin Maria de Mila, they had four children: Francesco, Lucrezia, Antonia and Maria

  1. Don Gasparo of Procida and Aversa; marriage on 30. April 1491, annulment of this marriage in 1492
  2. Giovanni Sforza (1466-1510), Lord of Pesaro; marriage on 12. June 1493; annulment of marriage on 20. December 1497
  3. Alfonso of Aragon (1481-1500; assassinated), illegitimate son of King Alfonso II. of Naples; marriage on 21. July 1498
  4. Alfonso d'Este (1476-1534), Duke of Ferrara; marriage on 2. February 1502


from her third marriage to Alfonso of Aragon:

  • her son Rodrigo, born on 1. November 1499, deceased in August 1512

from her fourth marriage to Alfonso d'Este:

  1. a daughter (stillborn child) on 5. September 1502
  2. her son Alessandro, born on 19. September 1505, deceased on 14. October 1505
  3. her son Ercole II., born on 4. April 1508, deceased in October 1559, the next Duke of Ferrara; since 28. June 1528 married to Renée of France, second daughter of the French King Louis XII. and Anna de Bretagne. (Information about the French Valois is available only in German).
    Their children were:

    1. Anna, Duchess of Guise and Nemours, born in 1531
    2. Alfonso II., born in November 1533
    3. Lucrezia, Duchess of Urbino, born in December 1535
    4. Leonora, born in 1537
    5. Luigi, born in 1538
  4. her son Ippolito, born on 25. August 1509, deceased on 2. December 1572, Archbishop of Milan; in 1538 he ascended to a Cardinal; he had one illegitimate daughter, Renea, who was married to Lodovico Picodella Mirandola
  5. her son Alessandro, born in April 1514, deceased in 1516
  6. her daughter Leonora, born on 4. July 1515, deceased on 15. July 1575; she lived as a nun in the Convent of Corpus Domini
  7. her son Francesco, born on 1. November 1516, deceased on 22. February 1578; he was Margrave of Massalombardo; he was married to Maria di Cardona and had two illegitimate daughters, Marfisa (1554-1608) and Bradamante († 1624)
  8. her daughter Isabella Maria, born and deceased on 14. June 1519

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