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The Sforza

The Sforza and the Aragonese

Muzio Attendolo Sforza

Francesco Sforza

Bianca Maria Visconti

Lodovico Maria il Moro Sforza

Galeazzo Maria Sforza

Ippolita Maria Sforza

Caterina Sforza

Gian Galeazzo II. Maria Sforza

Isabella of Aragon

Ferrante of Naples

Alfonso II. of Naples

Ferrandino of Naples

Francesco Sforza

Duke of Milan and Condottiere, the maternal grandfather of Isabella of Aragon, who had blue-grey eyes and a prominent nose (this is one of the most realistic portraits of him)

Born on:

23. July 1401

Deceased on:

8. March 1466



Lucia di Terzano (or Lucia Terzani da Marsciano), a mistress of his father

  1. Polissena Ruffo († 1420), Countess of Montalto; marriage in 1416 – she was poisoned by one of her aunts
  2. Bianca Maria Visconti (1425-1468), illegitimate daughter of Filippo Maria Visconti († 1447), Duke of Milan

Legitimate Children:
  • from his first marriage to Polissena Ruffo: his daughter Polissena or Antonia, born in 1419, like her mother she was poisoned in 1420
  • from his second marriage to Bianca Maria Visconti: see: Bianca Maria Visconti

Illegitimate Children:

depending on the source the numbers vary a lot, the minimum is 22 (according to Collison-Morley), the maximum is 120 (according to Chiusole); the most important children were:

  • his son Tristano (1424-1477), since 1451 he has been married to Beatrice d'Este (1427-1498), an illegitimate daughter of Niccolς III., Margrave of Ferrara, a daughter Elizabeth resulted from this marriage, who in 1484 was married to Galeazzo Pallavicino, Margrave of Busseto; Beatrice d'Este, for whom this was her second marriage, already had a son Niccolo da Correggio († 1508) from her first husband Borso da Correggio († 1450), whom she had married in 1448 – Tristano's mother was Columbina d'Acquapendente
  • his daughter Isolea or Isotta (1425-1485/87), her first husband was Andrea Matteo II. d'Acquaviva, Duke of Atri († 1443), they married in 1439, her second husband was Giovanni Mauruzzi da Tolentino, Count of Stacciola († 1465), they married in 1446 – her mother was Columbina d'Acquapendente, too
  • his daughter Polissena (1427-1449); on 23. March 1441 she was married to Sigismondo Malatesta (1417-1468), Lord of Rimini; in 1442 her son Galeotto was born, but died shortly after birth. In 1449 Polissena was strangled by order of her husband – her mother was Columbina d'Acquapendente, too
  • his son Sforza, born in 1430; he died as an infant before 1433 – his mother was Columbina d'Acquapendente, too
  • his son Sforza Secondo (1433-1491), since 1451/1468 Lord and Count of Borgonuovo, since 1451 married to Antonia Casa Dal Verme († 1500), with whom he had the children Giovanna († 1455), Francesco I. (1454-1492) and Jacopetto (1457-1503). Furthermore he probably had the following illegitimate children: Polissena, Lucrezia and Leone. Through his son Jacopetto there are even today descendants of his, who bear the title "Count of Castel San Giovanni". Sforza Secondo's mother was Columbina d'Acquapendente, too.
  • his daughter Drusiana (1436/37-1474), her first husband was Giovanni Fregoso, the Doge of Genoa, they married in 1447; her second husband was the Condottiere Jacopo Piccinino († 1465), they married in 1464; her mother was Columbina d'Acquapendente, too
  • his daughter Lucia († after 1474); she became a nun
  • his son Polidoro (1445-1475), whe became Protonotary at the Papal Court or, according to a different source, married the illegitimate daughter of Margrave Spinetta of Verrucola, Antonia Malaspina – his mother was Perpetua, who was a maid of honour of Bianca Maria Visconti
  • his daughter Bianca Francesca (1448-1516), since 1469 Abbess of the Convent Santa Monica in Cremona
  • his daughter Griselda (1452-1501)
  • his daughter Fiordelisa (1453-1522), since 1473 married to Guidaccio or Guido Manfredi († 1480), Lord of Imola and Faenza
  • his daughter Beatrice (1455-1493)
  • his daughter Bona Francesca (1456-1498)
  • his son Giovanni Maria (1461-1520), who became Archbishop of Genoa
  • his daughter Ottaviana (1461-1513)
  • his son Giulio (1463-1495), since 1487 Abbot of Santa Maria della Scala in Milan



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