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The Medici

The Medici

Cosimo de' Medici

Pierfrancesco de' Medici

Lorenzo "il Magnifico" de' Medici

Catherine de' Medici

Cosimo I. de' Medici

Francesco I. de' Medici

Ferdinand I. de' Medici

Ferdinand II. de' Medici

Eleonora de' Medici, Duchess of Mantua

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Born on:

1. March 1567

Deceased on:

9. September 1611


Francesco I. de' Medici (1541-1587), Grand Duke of Tuscany


Johanna of Austria (1547-1578), youngest daughter of Emperor Ferdinand I. (Information about the Hapsburgs only available in German)


Vincenzo I. Gonzaga (1562-1612), Duke of Mantua; marriage on 29. April 1584

  1. her son Francesco IV., Duke of Mantua, born on 7. May 1586, deceased on 22. December 1612, since 1608 married to Margareta (1589-1655), daughter of Duke Charles Emanuel I. of Savoy (1562-1630) and of Catalina Micaela of Spain (1567-1597); three children, of whom only the daughter Maria (1609-1660) survived childhood
  2. her son Ferdinand, born on 26. April 1587, deceased on 29. October 1626; Cardinal from 1607 to 1612, since 1612 Duke of Mantua; his first spouse was Camilla Reticina, they married in 1615 and were divorced in 1616; his second spouse was Caterina de' Medici (1593-1629), they married in 1617; she was a daughter of Grand Duke Ferdinand I. of Tuscany; no children
  3. her son Guglielmo Domenico, born on 4. August 1589, deceased on 13. May 1591
  4. her daughter Margherita, born on 2. October 1591, deceased on 7. February 1632; since 24. April 1606 married to Duke Henry II. of Lorraine (1563-1624); four daughters
  5. her son Vincenzo II., born on 8. February 1594, deceased on 25. December 1627; Cardinal from 1615 to 1616; since 1626 Duke of Mantua; since 1616 married to Isabella Gonzaga, a daughter of Alfonso Gonzaga, Margrave of Novellara; no children
  6. her daughter Eleonora, born on 23. September 1598, deceased on 27. June 1655; on the 2. or 4. February 1622 she became the second wife of Emperor Ferdinand II. (1578-1637); no children (Information about the Hapsburgs only available in German)

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