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The Hapsburgs

The Hapsburgs

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Friedrich III.

Maximilian I.

Philipp the Fair

Margaret of Austria

Karl V.

Ferdinand I.

Philipp II.

Maximilian II.

Christina of Denmark

Johanna of Austria

Philipp III.

Ferdinand III.

Johanna or Giovanna of Austria

Born on:

24. January 1547

Deceased on:

11. April 1578


Emperor Ferdinand I. ( 1564) (the family-tree of the dynasty of the Hapsburgs is available only in German)



Francesco I. de' Medici (1541-1587), Grand Duke of Tuscany; wedding in Florence on 15. December 1565

  1. her daughter Eleonora, born on 1. March 1567, deceased on 9. September 1611; since 29. April 1584 married to Vincenzo I. Gonzaga, Duke of Mantua
  2. her daughter Romola, born on 20. November 1568, deceased in December 1568
  3. her daughter Anna, born on 1. December 1569, deceased on 19. February 1584 or on 19. February 1585
  4. her daughter Isabella, born in August 1571 and deceased in 1572
  5. her daughter Lucrezia, born on 7. November 1572, deceased in August 1574
  6. her daughter Maria, born on 26. April 1575, deceased on 3. July 1642; married to Henry IV. (1553-1610), King of France, per procurationem in Florence on 26. April 1600 and in persona in Lyon on 27. December 1600 (the family-tree of the dynasty of the Bourbons is available only in German)
  7. her son Filippo Cosimo, born on 20. May 1577, deceased on 29. March 1582
  8. another daughter whose name we do not know, born and deceased on 10. April 1478

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